‘Ayushman CAPF’ scheme

‘Ayushman CAPF’ scheme is to be launched by Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Guwahati, Assam. Under this initiative, the […]

Ingenuity helicopter is part of which mission?

Ingenuity is a robotic helicopter- a part of the NASA Mars mission. The Mars helicopter is a technological experiment attempting […]

What is the first flush tea?

First flush tea is the tea made from the very first pluckings of a tea harvest season. These leaves are […]

Which ministry launched national protocol for snow leopard survey?

The national snow leopard population assessment in India protocol is India’s first national protocol for enumeration of snow leopards. It […]

Who owns Boca Chica Launchpad?

Boca Chica Launchpad is SpaceX’s launching site in Texas, USA. It also functions as a rocket production facility and test […]

Which country recently gave more freedom to its Coast Guards to fire at foreign vessels?

The National People’s Congress, China’s legislative body, recently passed the controversial Coast Guard Law. This law gives more freedom to […]

What is nitrogen use efficiency?

Nitrogen use efficiency or NUE is the efficiency with which various cultivars or cultivated varieties of a crop use nitrogen. […]

Which ministry launched Shramshakti portal to support migrant workers?

Shramshakti is the national migration support portal that was recently launched, virtually, by the ministry of tribal affairs. It is […]

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