Ministry of Power proposes National Renewable Energy Policy

The Ministry of Power has recently proposed a National Renewable Energy Policy in the Draft Electricity (Amendment) Bill, 2020. This policy aims to promote renewable energy and prescribes a minimum percentage electricity purchase from renewable and hydro sources of energy

Saturday, 18 April 2020

World’s longest animal found in Australian waters

Scientists, while exploring deep sea off Australia’s coast, have discovered as many as 30 new marine species and the longest animal ever seen. This longest animal was a siphonophore that measures approximately 46 meters, which is twice as long as many blue whales and three times as long as a humpback whale. Siphonophores are deep-sea predators made up of many small clones that act together as one and spread out like a single long string in the water. Like a jellyfish, it can feed by dangling stinging tentacles in the water.

Friday, 17 April 2020

‘Harold’ cyclone hits South Pacific island nations

The Tropical Cyclone named ‘Harold’ recently hit the South Pacific island nations including Vanuatu islands and Fuji. It started from the south-west Pacific nation Solomon Islands last week, where it claimed 27 lives.

Later, it hit the Vanuatu islands and caused damages especially in the main town Luganville. Though the cyclone was expected to only reach Category Three, it reached the Category Four in Fiji, where the winds are blowing up to 240 kilometres per hour.

Wednesday, 08 April 2020

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