What is solution mining?

Solution mining or in situ leaching is a mining method for recovering minerals with the help of leaching solutions. These […]

Where is Sanand Logistics Park?

A logistics park is to be established at Sanand, Gujarat, in accordance with a recently signed MoU between Adani Ports […]

What is Carbon capture technology?

Carbon capture technology is the use of technological solutions to address the issue of carbon emission, which in turn would […]

What is WorldView 3?

WorldView 3 is an earth observation satellite (EOS) owned by the American firm DigitalGlobe. It was launched in 2014 and […]

Why is Trawler a source of diplomatic tensions between India and Sri Lanka?

Trawlers are mechanized boats used for commercial fishing. These vessels have fishing nets called ‘trawls’ capable of ‘trawling’ i.e. casting […]

What is Jerenga Pothar?

Jerenga Pothar is an open field in Sivasagar in Upper Assam. It is connected with the famous story of Joymoti, […]

What is News Media Bargaining Code?

The News Media Bargaining Code is a mandatory code of conduct put forth by the Australian government to bridge the […]

Who are the signatories of New START treaty?

New Start treaty is a nuclear arms reduction treaty between the United States and Russia. It is formally known as […]

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