Why was Operation Sard Hawa launched?

Operation Sard Hawa was launched by the Border Security Force (BSF) on January 21. It aims to enhance security on […]

What are Telangana’s mini hubs?

Mini Hubs are pathology labs launched by the Telangana state government. They seek to provide basic diagnostic facilities at free […]

Who sponsored UN resolution on safeguarding religious sites?

The United Nations resolution on “promoting a culture of peace and tolerance to safeguard religious sites” was unanimously passed recently. […]

When did the first-ever treaty banning nuclear weapons come to force?

The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons is the first-ever treaty to ban nuclear weapons. It entered into force […]

Where is MeerKAT radio telescope located?

Formerly known as the Karoo Array Telescope, MeerKAT radio telescope is located in the Northern Cape of South Africa. Launched […]

What is the objective of Agri-Food Techathon, 2021?

The first-ever Agri-Food Techathon (AFT 2021) is to be organised to promote innovation and entrepreneurship among youth in the field […]

Which country will host Europe’s largest solar plant?

Spain is to host 590 MW-capacity photo-voltaic plant, the largest in Europe. The deal in this regard was signed between […]

Why was Jammu & Kashmir Industrial Land Allotment Policy, 2021-30 unveiled?

The Jammu & Kashmir Industrial Land Allotment Policy, 2021-30 aims to remove various land-related issues hindering industrial development within the […]

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