Why is Decision Support System being set up?

Decision Support System (DSS) for air quality is to be set up by the Commission for Air Quality Management in […]

What is the current status of PMAY-Urban?

The Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana – Urban (PMAY-U) was launched by Prime Minister Modi in June 2015 to provide “Housing […]

What is WASP-107b?

WASP-107b is an exoplanet located around 212 light years away from the Earth. Located at extreme proximity to the host […]

What is the source of the recently detected hum in the universe?

Researchers have recently detected a resonant “hum” in the Universe. The cause of this phenomenon is attributed to the gravitational […]

What is Kraken Mare?

Kraken Mare is a huge body of liquid ethane and methane located on the surface of Titan, the Saturn’s largest […]

What is Rapid Assessment System?

The IT ministry’s Rapid Assessment System (RAS) is a platform that receives feedback for e-services delivered by the Centre and […]

Planetary Health Diet

Planetary health diet is a diet proposed to reduce the urban greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 60% in […]

Exercise Kavach

Exercise Kavach (or shield) is a complex set of drills to be carried out by the Indian military off the […]

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