SAAW or Smart Anti-Airfield Weapon is a long range precision guided weapon developed by the DRDO’s Research Centre Imarat. It […]

Great Green Wall

Great Green Wall is a flagship initiative of African Union to address the issues of land degradation, desertification and climate […]

Root zone moisture

Root zone moisture is layer of moisture in the ground found on the surface of the soil and rocks. Aquifers […]

Sudden Stratospheric Warming

Sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) is an atmospheric phenomenon in which the rapidly descending cold air in the polar vortex leads […]

Global Risks Report 2021

Global Risks Report is an annual report published by the World Economic Forum. The report analyses the changes in global […]


LongOps in a £12 million project to develop novel technology to safely dismantle the Fukushima Daiichi reactors and other old […]

Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope

UVIT or Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope is a 3 in 1 imaging telescope onboard the Astrosat, India’s 1st multi-wavelength space satellite. […]

Gir Somnath Modern Fishing Harbour

Recently, the foundation stone for a modern fishing harbour was laid at Nava Bandar in Gir Somnath of Gujarat. The […]

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