Qutb Complex

The Qutb Complex is a group of monuments and buildings, from the Delhi Sultanate period, located at Mehrauli in Delhi. […]

Human milk bank

Human milk bank is a service that collects, processes, stores and dispenses human milk for ensuring optimum nutrition for new-borns. […]

Draft Chhattisgarh Protection of Media Persons Act

The draft Chhattisgarh Protection of Media Persons Act is a proposed journalist protection law. In its final draft, the term […]

Quantum communication

Quantum communication ensures security in communication field by protecting data using principles of quantum physics. Recently, DRDO demonstrated successful quantum […]


Bio-magnification is the process by which the concentration of a toxin in the tissues of organisms at successively higher levels […]

Moses anti-flood system

The Moses is an experimental anti-flood system used in Venice. It consists of 78 barriers that can be inflated like […]

Russia-Sudan Agreement

Russia and Sudan recently signed an agreement to allow Russia to set up a naval base in Africa for at […]

China’s Integrated Joint Operations Platform

The Integrated Joint Operation Program is a predictive policing program being used by China to flag ethnic Uighurs for detention, […]

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